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    2nd Data source in HyperlinkSQL

    Cliff Dunn Newbie

      I created a "cabin" table in Hyperlink database with a url jdbc:hsqldb:myDb. I can access it via org.hsqldb.util.DatabaseManager.

      I edited ejb-jar.xml to include resource-ref element.

      I edited hsqldb-service.xml (jboss 3.0) to create an additional mbean LocalTxConnectionManager, renamed the object and the embedded objects and gave it a new jndi-name.

      Now in a session bean I'm trying to make a jdbc connection using the new datasource. I make the connection but get "Table not found: CABIN in statement [SELECT bed_count FROM CABIN WHERE id = 1]"

      I attached the ejb-jar.xml and hsqldb-service.xml. Can anyone thing of anything else I'm missing?