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    Renaming /OracleDS to /comp/env/jdbc/DataSource in JNDI

    Thorbjørn Andersen Newbie

      (I misposted this in the installation forum. Apologies)

      I need to rename the sample OracleDS specified in examples/jca/oracle-service.xml to another JNDI name in order to be able to switch between EJB-containers (a project requirement), by having standardized names.

      It has worked very well just by replacing the URI and username/password and referenced by /OracleDS in JNDI, but I cannot make the new name work. I have tried most combinations of changing the string OracleDS to comp/env/jdbc/DataSource in the XML file, but where the check code says that either jdbc or DataSource is not bound in JNDI.

      Do someone have a oracle-service.xml file where this change has been made I could have a look at? Or point me to the configuration file I need to change?

      Thanks in advance