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    Database Licensing

    Rafael Newbie

      I everybody...

      I am new to J2EE and JBoss and I am answered about to reducing the number of the database licenses by using of connection pools.
      By example, I have an Oracle Database with five licenses but my application have 10 users. Could these 10 users share the 5 connections? Is it any type of piracy? What would happened if the 5 licences are occupied and the six user make a request, It wait or throw a page error response?

      Thanks for Help
      Excuse my english

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          Jason Brome Newbie

          Check with your database (Oracle) sales rep regarding your licensing concerns. Some database vendors have specific clauses about 'connection multiplexing' - where middleware, e.g. an App Server, is used to provide an application to a greater number of users than the actual connections to the database.

          As for your technical question - the database connection pool can be configured for its behavior when all the members of the pool are in use - e.g. block, block with timeout, instant timeout etc. These are all defined in the XML configuration file for your datasource.