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    XA transactions and Oracle (Jboss 3.0.1)

    Andy C Newbie

      I'm gonna go out on a limb here and face the wrath of the forum from people far more technical than myself, but I'm desperate for a solution...

      I have an MDB application that utilises Oracle connections. From the MDB through the database work and then at the end where I publish a JMS message to a Topic, a transaction is run. From what I know of XA resources, they should all be able to enlist in the transaction and 2PC protocol should either commit the work if all has gone well, or roll everything back, n'est pas?

      I am using the jboss 3.0.x oracle-xa-service.xml file for my Oracle datasource setup, and the xa jms connection factory setup ( java:/JmsXA in my jboss.xml dd file ).

      What I see is that nothing works. I get rollbacks and strange XA_ERRETRY and XA_ERRNOTA errors etc.

      What am I doing wrong? Can someone put up a step by step, easy to follow example for setting up jboss with all XA resources? It's not my application as I have the same code run with XA resources under BES 5.1. I think what I see is the database connection enlist fine and work ok, but when it gets to the point where I enlist the JMS resource as well, it all fails with said error messages.

      Using Oracle 9i.