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    weird oracle behaviour

    Xavier Newbie

      Recently I'm having OutOfMemoryException problems. My conf is:

      JBoss 3.0.2
      sun jdk 1.4.1 ( with -Xmx600m !!!)
      gentoo linux 1.4 (kernel 2.4.19)
      firebird 1.0 (in the same machine)
      oracle 8.1.7 (remote with thin driver)

      I've noticed that memory usage grows up as soon as load grows up to 30~40 clients but when load decrease doesn't increase the free memory. In fact if load increases again after a period of inactivity (tipically in the night there's not activity at all) memory usage starts to increase again...from previous water mark. Thus, in some cicles OutOfMemoryException appears.

      Thus, with no clients hitting the server the memory looks like this last night:

      total: 410808320
      free: 186350420

      This obviously looks weird when jboss is really, really relaxed.

      Therefore I've tried to undeploy some things and see what happens. The interesting thing was with oracle-service.xml. When I've undployed the service nothing was altered the memory usage, but when I've deployed again the used memory has dropped suddenly ~200Mb !!! (free: 378782552). Note that memory has dropped in deployment not in undeployment.

      What the hell means 200Mb in a connection pool with maximum size of 10?

      Any ideas to help a REALLY desperate man?

      thank you in advance