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    jboss 3.0 and mysql 3.23

    jay scherer Newbie

      I modified the mysql-service.xml file and deployed the jdbc driver/jar files to the lib diretory of the jboss server. When I deploy the xml file I get the error below. The mysql-service.xml file is attached

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The class 'class org.jboss.resource.adapter.jdbc.local.LocalManagedConnectionFact
      perty ''
      at org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.RARDeployment.setManagedConnectionFactoryAttribute(RARDeployment.java
      at org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.RARDeployment.setMcfProperties(RARDeployment.java:786)
      at org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.RARDeployment.startManagedConnectionFactory(RARDeployment.java:555)