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    JBoss doesn't release DB Connections?

    Edward Newbie

      Hi All:

      I am using JBoss 2.4.4 + Tomcat bundle, with SQL Server 7.0 SP4. Recently, I upgrated to 3.0.3 + 4.12 + SQL 2000 SP2. The JDBC Driver I'm using is Weblogic jConnect SQL Server Type 4 Drivers, version is 5.1 SP11.

      But in both the situations, I encounter a problem. In SQL Server Enterprise Manager, I can see as much as up to 100 Connections to my Database, and 400 Threads (all used, and all from SELECT statements), this cost 100% of my CPU usage. Does this problem owns to JBoss, JDBC Driver, or SQL Server?

      Why and How to fix? Thanks in advance.