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    Interbase and UTF (final Battle) Jboss3.0.X

    Volker Raum Newbie

      It seems to be NOT possible to set Character Encoding for Datasources in jboss 3.0.0 (in gerneral).
      I think most DB-Vendors expect a special Property when opening a DB-Connection.
      For Interbase this is charSet (i.e. given as UNICODE_FSS).
      I took a look in the JBoss Code
      and i didnt find ANY support for Encoding. (hope this is the right place).
      wouldnt it be possible to add a more general way to specifiy Parameters for a JDBC Connect than to add fully static Properties in the ...service.xml File ?
      Right now you can only give URL, Username/password transaction, Driver
      This could look like this
      <config-property name="UserProperty" type="java.lang.String">charSet$UNICODE_FSS</config-property>
      So the user could add the necessary Properties on his own.
      charSet$UNICODE_FSS could mean add connection property charSet with Value UNICODE_FSS (you will find better separators than $)

      the java code would require a corresponding Property UserProperty which processes such user properties.

      Hm I hope you got an idea what i am talking about ?