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    Does JBoss work with OpenBase?

    Ross Mills Newbie


      I have an app that runs great on JBoss-3.0.3 using Hypersonic but fails when I use OpenBase.

      I have two tables: MEMPACKAGE AND MEMSCHEDULE where...

      (1) MEMPACKAGE and MEMSCHEDULE have a one-to-one unidirectional relationship.
      (2) MEMSCHEDULE.Packageid_fk (foreign key) = MEMPACKAGE.pkid.

      When I try to create a new Mempackage entity, JBoss generates the following insert statement...

      INSERT INTO MEMPACKAGE (pkid, Packagename, Description, Location, Familysize, Maxenroll, Numenrolled, Numwaitlist, Signupfee, Monthlyfee, Revaccount, Enrollnote, memschedule) VALUES (5, 'Test Package 1', 'Description 1', 'Location 1', 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.0, 6.0, '123', 'note', NULL)

      The MEMPACKAGE table does not have a memschedule column so the insert fails. However, this problem only happens when I run it against OpenBase.

      When I search on "openbase" in these forums I find nothing. The web doesn't offer much help either. Has anyone successfully used JBoss with OpenBase? Sample config files would be very helpful.


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          Ross Mills Newbie

          For anyone out there struggling with JBoss/Openbase, here is what I found...

          (1) JBoss 3.0.2 will not work properly with OpenBase regardless of what OS you run it on. In fact, OpenBase will actually shut itself down on some errors.

          (2) JBoss 3.2.0beta2 runs wells with OpenBase but unfortunately does not run on Mac OS X Server. (I think there is a class loading bug in the Mac JVM.)

          (3) Watch out for one to one relationships. JBoss generates incorrect queries. To get around this I simply treated my one-to-one relationships as one-to-many.