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    Details in modal dialog

    marx3 Apprentice

      I've seen in demo modal dialog and I would like to use it to show details of choosen row from table.
      So I need to place some command link (or other link button etc) on table row and after clickinkg it it have to pass choosen element to action on server (reading details from database) and then popup modal dialog with those details.
      The problem's are:
      -I can't use object in a:commandlink (ok, I can use id of object)
      -I don't know how to call javascript from action (onClick and action goes concurrently)
      I've tried to use a:region etc but I don't know how to call javascript showing modal dialog from "rerender" action.
      I've also looked at "onLoad" action to paste javascript there, but there is nothing like this in JSF. Any help?