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    XA-JMS with non-XA-JDBC

    Bernhard Löwenstein Newbie


      I am using in one transaction of a session-bean JMS (with JmsXA) and JDBC (with non-XA Oracle DataSource).

      So I get the following warning:

      [org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.LocalTxConnectionManager$LocalConnectionEventListener] prepare called on a local tx. You are not getting the semantics you expect!

      My questions now:
      1. Is this a problem or can I neglect this warning?
      2. Is there an non-XA-JMS-RA available and can/should I use it (I need transactions!)?
      3. I know that there is a XA-Oracle-Datasource available, should I use it with the XA-JMS-RA?
      4. Is my information right, that XA is for distributed transactions and that an (normal) non-XA-JMS-RA also supports transactions?

      Thanks and greetings, Bernhard.