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    JDBC Pooling broken in 2.4.8 and 2.4.9

    Kyle VanderBeek Newbie

      We had pool exhaustion running rampant, so we traced how things work, and found a bug. A really bad one, I think. I can't imagine how anyone is using JDBCConnectionPools under 2.4.8 or there-abouts.

      ObjectPool.releaseObject() at on point does this:

      factory.returnObject(object);//do this first
      pooled = factory.translateObject(object);
      } catch(Exception e)
      return; // We can't release it if the factory can't recognize it
      if(pooled == null) // We can't release it if the factory can't recognize it

      Glance at the way the JDBCConnectionFactory and ConnectionInPool stuff works, and you'll see that (pooled == null) will always be true. The important parts of returning the object to the pool never happen.

      Anyone else noticed this?

      Note, it is easy to make this happen. Just write a loop, and it'll exhaust your pool:

      for (int i = 0; i <= maxPool; i++)
      Connection con = ds.getConnection();

      (maxPool being the MaxSize you set for your pool).

      I'll be submitting a bug report and potential patch on sf.net.