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    Problem inserting Object into embedded Cloudscape DB

    Lyndon Livingstone Newbie

      JBoss 2.4.3 Tomcat 3.2.3 w/ embedded Cloudscape 3.64

      My .ear includes framework classes and resource/utility classes that are required to insert objects into the DB.

      I just moved my classes (.jar files) from jboss\lib\ext into the .ear and locate them from my J2EE modules using the manifest class path.

      Now I get a JDBC exception when using my app "Unable to create prepared statement" Further checking reveals it is trying to insert an object that it can't find the classes for.

      How do I get the global classloader to see the classes inside the container running my application?

      If I try to put the framework classes back into jboss\lib\ext I get problems because I have other utility/resource classes my app can't find anymore that are specified in the manifest. It's like once a class is found outside the container it ignores anything else in the classpath of the container.

      Any suggestions.