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    jdbc not bound

    dg Newbie

      I've deployed a .ear to jboss that connects to a postgres database. Everything in the log file and the jboss mgmt console looks fine except for these 2 lines and the fact that the app gives an error when accessing the database.
      Tried a million and 1 things but nothing helps - does anyone have a clue on this?
      thanks thanks thanks

      2003-01-21 11:13:04,358 ERROR [edu.stanford.scil.conductor.ejb.util.Util] javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: jdbc not bound
      2003-01-21 11:13:04,360 ERROR [edu.stanford.scil.conductor.ejb.impl.BookingManagerBean] jdbc not bound

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          hmomon Newbie

          First, check the JNDI name of your datasource in the log file. It should say something like 'java:/jdbc/MyDataSource'.

          Then, you need to edit jboss-web.xml and modify the value of the element <jndi-name> to 'java:/jdbc/MyDataSource' instead of 'jdbc/MyDataSource'.

          All the best.