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    Drop position in dataTable

    Lydia Ares Newbie

      I was wondering if it was possible to get the position of a drop in a dataTable. I have items (from source dataTable) that can be dropped on my destination dataTable. I want to insert them exactly at the position where they get dropped. For this I would need the position, which means the row number or something on which it was dropped.
      All the examples for <rich:dropSupport> that I have seen so far put the tag in the panel containing the datatable, but not inside the datatable where I have access to the current element of the loop (so I can get the row number). So I tried putting the <rich:dropSupport> in the <h:column> tag of the destination dataTable. But no success, my dropListener doesn't get called.
      Someone any idea how to manage this?
      Thanks a lot in advance!