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    row highlighting, again

    Daniel Kane Novice

      Did not keep eye on all richfaces changes , maybe I am asking for something already implemented.

      The only way to highlight row in dataTable (statefully) is providing rowClasses attribute.
      If table has a connected datascroller, we need to determine current page in order to generate correct rowClasses , because rowClasses are being applied to current page only.
      I.e. when I have 10 rows per page, and want to highlight record number 15, I have to generate rowClasses with specific highlighting for second page only.

      In order to determine current page from datascroller, I need the following bug to be resolved :

      It would be much better, however, if rowClasses were independent from pagination at all. For example, we have datascroller and 10 rows per page in table containing 50 rows. When we need to highlight row number 15, we simply change style number 15 in rowClasses , without dependency on datascroller and page size. Richfaces knows that this row is on second page. Pretty reasonable, what do you think ?