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    Sybase support for CMP in JBoss?

    Conor Newbie

      After trawling through numerous websites, I cannot find out whether
      Sybase supports CMP in JBoss. Does anyone know? My intention is to
      define my schema witin xDoclet tags in the java code which then
      generates the tables within Sybase. It works fine for MySql, but I
      have still to test it for Sybase and would wish to find out has anyone
      else done this and if so, are there any caveats?
      Best regards,

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          R.H. Stine, Jr. Newbie

          Yes, CMP works with Sybase.

          Just as for BMP, you will need to define a Sybase datasourse in the jaws.xml file and then reference that datasource in the ejb-web.xml file. You also need to drop a sybase-service.xml file into your server's "deploy" directory. YIn addition, you will need to copy Sybase's jconn2.jar into the desired configuration's "lib" directory.

          I've attached a sample sybase-service.xml file. It needs to be edited, to set the appropriate account name, password, and url info for your Sybase installation.

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            t g Newbie

            I believe jaws.xml is 'a legacy deployment descriptor' for applications using CMP 1.1. jbosscmp-jdbc.xml is the new deployment descriptor used in JBoss3.x for container managed persistence configuration.

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              R.H. Stine, Jr. Newbie

              Oops. Sorry. I should have provided the caveat that I'm a newbie. Also, the sybase-service.xml file that comes with the JBoss distribution, and is found in directory docs\examples\jca, is a much better place to start than the example that I attached.