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    Informix  XADataSource

    Tim Taler Newbie


      can someone please explain me, howI can setup the XADataSource in JBoss 3.0.x or the better way in JBoss 3.2.RC1.

      The example from /jca/informix-xa... doesn't work for me.

      Either it tells me the INFORMIXSERVER is not set or if I set them as a config property, it throws me a NULLPOINTER-Exception.

      Greeting Tim

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          Frank Langelage Master

          Which version of Informix-JDBC-Driver do you use ?
          2.21.JC3 ?

          Attached a modified informix-xa-ds.xml file I use.

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            Tim Taler Newbie

            Yes, I'm using the current driver 2.21.JC3.

            Now I can configure it but I can't find it in the JNDI-Tree und the specified Name.
            Is there any further configuration I have to do?

            Greetings Tim

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              sbocquet Newbie


              I'm also trying to configure an Informix XA Datasource with the 2.21JC3 JDBC Driver...
              Can you post your informix-xa-service.xml or your informix-xa-ds.xml files in order to compare it with the one I'm trying to configure.
              I'm just having an "InformixXADS not bound" error when I'm starting JBoss and can't find where is my mistake...

              Hope we can get it on working together...

              P.S. : the InformixDS "normal" config works fine for me... I can have transactions, etc... What are the main advantages of using an XA driver datasource?

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                sbocquet Newbie


                I experiment the same problem with Informix XA datasource.
                My error message when I start JBoss is that "InformixXADS is not bound".

                It works perfectly with an InformixDS config, so I replaced all my config files with InformixXADS in place of InformixDS, put the informix-xa-ds.xml in the right place and delete the informix-ds.xml...
                Do I missed something?

                And one question :
                What are the advantages of connecting to the database with a XADS in place of a "normal" DS. With the "normal" one, I also can have transaction, etc...
                Can someone explain it to me?



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                  Tim Taler Newbie


                  I've configured the descriptor-file, so that the datasource is added to the jndi-tree.
                  I can see it also via http://localhost:8080/jmx-console.

                  But when I deploy a bean using this datasource it tells me that the parameter INFORMIXSERVER is not set. I tried different ways in the descriptor, but was not able to solve this yet.

                  this is my informix-xa-ds-xml file:

                  <xa-datasource-property name="IfxWAITTIME">10</xa-datasource-property>
                  <xa-datasource-property name="Description"XA Datasource</xa-datasource-property>
                  <xa-datasource-property name="IfxIFXHOST">host</xa-datasource-property>
                  <xa-datasource-property name="PortNumber">port</xa-datasource-property>
                  <xa-datasource-property name="DatabaseName">databasename</xa-datasource-property>
                  <xa-datasource-property name="ServerName">informixserver</xa-datasource-property>
                  <!--xa-datasource-property name="INFORMIXSERVER">informixserver</xa-datasource-property-->



                  Can anybody help me?

                  The main advantage with XA is that you can use multiple datasources in one transaction, eg. two informix-ds and a J-Connector).

                  Greetings Tim