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    Difference in finder result on "normal" and XA DataSource

    Dietmar Scheidl Newbie


      I am connecting to a MS SQL Server 2K. If i use the mssql-service.xml the finder returns the correct set of data.

      If I change to mssql-xa-service.xml the finder does not return any rows.

      The finder is called in a stateless session bean which uses bean managed transactions.

      The query of the finder is "Select Object(ti) from TeacherImportBean ti where ti.processFlag = TRUE".

      The generated SQL is correct. I have tryed it within the QueryAnalyzer of the SQL Server.

      There are more than 9000 rows within the DB which meet that criteria.

      The finder is called directly after "sessionContext.getUserTransaction().begin();" so I am sure that there can not be any locks on that rows because I am also the only user on that DB.

      Every other Session Bean is working fine. The only difference is, that all other beans use Container Managed Transactions.