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    How to connect MySQL to Jboss2.4.4

    VF Newbie

      Hi, I am using Jboss2.4.4+Tomcat3.2.3. I want to connect MySQL to Jboss instead of the default Hypersonic database. I am not sure which files I should modify and how I should modify them. I have read many threads in this forum, but I can¡¯t find a specific and complete one about Jboss2.4.4. I think I need to modify those files under JBOSS_HOME\conf\default:
      I typically don¡¯t know how to modify the parts related to database. I have put MySQL driver to JBOSS_HOME\lib\ext.
      I am in urgent need of your helpJ Any information will be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks a lot!