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    Datasource exceeding max connections configured

    F Zemen Newbie

      We are seeing behavior on JBoss 3.0.5 & Oracle 9i where the DataSource is exceeding the max connections configured.

      We set up a very simple test in a session bean:

      Loop 500 times
      In each loop, get a connection from the data source
      perform a simple query
      close the set, statement, and connection
      suggest a garbage collection (System.gc())

      What happens is that we hit the oracle max cursors (we have 300 open cursors allowable ) The problem is that the connection is setup for a max of *** 50 *** so we should never hit the ORA exception. Everyting is fine at 49, 50, 51, 75, even 299 loops, but fails beyond 300 loops.

      Please help? Does the DataSource properly manage connections? Why is the max setting not respected?

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          F Zemen Newbie

          We think we may have found the problem.

          After some trial and error, it appears the DataSource does not respect its maximum limit if the statement and set are not closed (as well as the connection).

          One of the issues in testing this is that the server must be restarted between trials to get an accurate picture. Once the datasource causes the max cursors exceeded problem, it doesn't recover well.