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    Underlying JDBC Objects?

    Kyle VanderBeek Newbie

      Is there any way to get to the underlying JDBC Driver objects from the JBoss wrapped/pooled objects?

      Specifically, I have a LocalTx pool for a Sybase datasource. I need to be able to use named parameters in a CallableStatement, but Sybase's JDBC drivers don't yet support setString(String parametername, String x); they only support the int-indexed version. So, to use named parameters to a stored proc, I need to use the Sybase-specific setParameterName() method on their CallableStatement. However, I can't as I don't have the Sybase CallableStatement, I have a JBoss wrapped abstraction.

      Is there any way to get at the underlying (private) CallableStatement? I know it's kind of a gross hack, but this is the reality of working around vendor wackyness "in the now".