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    Dirty Read

    Giovanni Santos Newbie

      I'm using JBoss 3.0.2 and Informix 9.2. I'm using informix-xa-service.xml to datasource configuration.

      I configured the TransactionIsolation attribute as:
      because I need set the isolation level to DIRTY READ.

      However, when I execute "onstat -g sql", I observe that all SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT statements are executed as COMMITTED READ.

      This situation is causing many problems in my application because when a SELECT statement is executed, an error is returned.

      Is there a manner to execute these SQL Statements as DIRTY READ?

      Thank you.


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          amir Newbie

          I don't know exact answer of your question ,
          But I know that some drivers , for example oracle thin driver, does not support some levels of Transaction Isolation [Oracle drivers support only TRANSACTION_SERIALIZED and TRANSACTION_READ_COMMITED]

          so read your database driver documents or find another driver.

          I hope you get your answer.