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    Jboss 3.2.0RC2 & Oracle 9iR2 connection

    Andrey Demchenko Newbie

      Hi ALL!
      I've configured Jboss for Oracle connection pool. Pool works fine, but when I make shutdown/startup for Oracle DB
      Jboss do not reconnect to Oracle DBMS (not establish new connections and not invalidate old).
      When I try to get connection from datasource I can see error "Not connected to Oracle". Restarting Jboss solves this problem.
      How can I configure oracle-service.xml that Jboss may reestablish Oracle connections after DB shutdown/startup?
      Jboss 3.2.0RC3, jdk 1.4.1_02, Oracle 9i, Linux RedHat 7.3

      Best regards,
      Andrey Demchenko.