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    How to dynamically create datasources

    Mitch Jessee Newbie

      I've found a way to dynamically create a datasource. Create a servlet that can return the "somedb-service.xml" formated xml data and then issue the following commands:

      javax.management.MBeanServer server =

      new ObjectName("jboss.system:service=MainDeployer"),
      new Object[] {
      new String("http://localhost/<your servlet here>/somename-service.xml")},
      new String[] {(java.lang.String.class).getName()});

      There is undoubtedly a better way to invoke the deployer, but this works. The above URL does not reference an actual file, but is used to specify a temporary file to be used on the server. The servlet will return the xml needed to deploy the datasource. Has anyone found a better way to do this?