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    Does postgres support Xa transactions

    SAnjo Newbie

      Hi all,

      i am trying to configure my jboss 3.x datasource to support xa transactions. i am using a postgres database, from my configuration i have changed added <configure-property-value> at ra.xml of jboss-xa.jar and changed my postgres-service.xml to support Xatx transation (ConnectionManager, Minerva). after doing so i started up my service but jboss posted me a 'no setter/getter method for setTransactionIsolation() method' on the ConnectionFactory. I have looked at my postgres-service.xml file and have set the TransactionIsolation element. it seems postgres does not support xa transation. our last configuration with jboss 2.x we were using XADatasource but i its wrapped with a XADatasouceImpl class(probably jca). i have also updated my postgres driver to support jdb2 but to no avail the no setter method error keeps popping up.

      have anyon configure an XA transation service for postgres? or i postgres limited to local and no tx? i have read on other forums that postgres does not support XaDatasouce. does anyone knows a workaround for this issue?


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          David Jencks Master

          I don't think postgres supports xa, at least I have never found any evidence it does. AFAIK the only open source database that does is firebird, so if xa is truly a requirement, I suggest you use firebird. If you were using the XADataSourceImpl in jboss 2.4.x I think xa is not a requirement for you. In this case use the local-tx postgres-ds.xml or postgres-service.xml.