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    Deployment problem

    Dries De Moor Newbie

      I try to deploy an local entitybean with a custom primary key. The pk-class contains 4 fields.
      But on deployment I get the following error:

      Error while creating table; - nested throwable: (java.sql.SQLException: Unexpe
      cted token: 37000 Unexpected token: ) in statement [CREATE TABLE VERFKWALPARAM (verfkwaliteitArtNr INTEGER, volgNr INTEG
      ER NOT NULL, machine VARCHAR(256), tuftCode VARCHAR(256), parameterCode VARCHAR(20), screenParent VARCHAR(20), post VARC
      HAR(20), breedte INTEGER NOT NULL, value REAL NOT NULL, creatieDatum DATE, wijzigingsDatum DATE, CONSTRAINT PK_VERFKWALP
      ARAM PRIMARY KEY ())])

      Ity seems like JBoss doesn't create a correct sql query to create the table. The parameter list for the primary key at the end is empty.
      I'm using xDoclet to generate my descriptor files. I checked everything, compared it with other beans using custom PK and it should be ok.

      Can somebody help me?

      kind regards,