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    3.0.x: DBtype-service.xml; 3.2: DBtype-ds.xml

    Tim Paulson Newbie

      I just wanted to post a hint that might prove useful to some people dealing with the new JBoss 3.2 download. My small example EJB app failed to work with Oracle when installed into JBoss 3.2. I was dismayed because I thought I had smartly checked for updates for Oracle XA in the docs\examples\jca dir. I had copied and filled the contents of oracle-xa-ds.xml into my old DB config file that was named example-service.xml

      Do not do that.
      The form of the filename is significant when using the new *-ds.xml files.
      You must keep the "-ds.xml" in the filename when using the new tag from the examples in docs\examples\jca.

      I updated my build to use a new DB config filename of example-ds.xml. Things now work fine.

      (The error was: "org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: Error: can't find data source: java:/XAOracleDS")