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    sameer_inn Newbie

      I am using jboss3.2.0 and OracleXaDataSource for configuring Oracke8i under

      i want to run local transaction.

      i have written a small MBean and written an update statement.

      DataSource ds=(javax.sql.DataSource) lContext.lookup("java:/OracleDS");
      Connection con=ds.getConnection();
      Statement stmt=con.createStatement();
      stmt.executeUpdate("insert into employee values('E1','asad')");

      when i run this applications the server throws
      java.sql.SQLException: Use explicit XA call.

      but when i run the same application
      under jdk1.4.1 and OracleXADataSource for oracle9i it's runnining fine
      without error

      could u help me out?