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    initial-load setup



      I was wondering how to setup the initial-load into my data source (let's say mySQL or Hypersonic)

      the goal is to deploy my application and to have some default data such as a default user with roles and privileges so at least one user can login

      I know I could use an MBean but the problem is the JMX console is protected by the same security realm, so before going into the console I will need to give the password that is not known yet in the data source

      basically I would need something that executes only once (right after deployment) without user intervention

      any ideas ?


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          If this is supposed to happen without user intervention, use an mbean. The jmx console is just for looking at them and working with them by hand, it has nothing to do with their operation or lifecycle.

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            thanx david,

            I did not know mbeans could be configured to have their methods invoked automatically and only once, I'll take a look at it

            (it should still be possible afterwards to invoke the methods again, but manually)

            best regards