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    DB2 on an iSeries

    Nathan Newbie

      I'm a newbie here, so please forgive stupid questions!

      I've got Jboss running on my dev box (XP) here at my desk, and am trying to connect to our iSeries (AS/400). I understand that I need to copy the db2java.zip to the Jboss deploy directory and change it to a jar file, as described here (http://www.gogis.nl/en/public_documentation/jboss/index.html ) but I have no clue where to find this driver. I've poked around our iSeries and am not seeing anything resembling a .zip file...

      This is our first foray into using Java with the iSeries (we've been a Microsoft shop up til now and don't want to nesacarily be tied to WebSphere) so any help any help would be most appreciated!

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          Jon Barnett Master

          You'll probably need to go here for some JDBC drivers and some FAQs:

          Unlike DB2 UDB for the other platforms, which have the JDBC driver packaged with the administrator client, you may need to get it from the Toolkit or get a third party driver such as HiT - depending on your performance needs. You may also need to patch your AS/400 to support external JDBC access. You don't want to use the native driver unless you are going to attempt to run JBoss on the AS/400 - I haven't heard of anyone doing this. :)

          I'm not sure about having to rename the driver from a .zip to a .jar as Oracle and and DB2 UDB drivers have worked fine for me in the past.

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            Franco Apprentice

            you must use jt400.jar from JT/Open.
            You can download from IBM, is free and open source.