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    Datasource config w/ UsersRolesLoginModule

    mkochco Newbie

      Can someone point me in the right direction? I'm trying to configure a data source which uses the UsersRolesLoginModule instead of ConfiguredIdentityLoginModule. I've followed the QuickStart Guide in setting up the appropriate entries in login-config.xml and the users.properties and roles.properties files. However, when my application attempts to run my prinicpal is always null.

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          David Jencks Master

          That won't work. You NEED to use one of the login modules supplied in the connector package or write your own that provides a PasswordCredential. The PasswordCredential includes info about which ManagedConnectionFactory it is for, without it the mcf has nothing to go on.

          If you want to use the user/pw from the UserRolesLoginModule you can set up another domain for the db with the CallerIdentityLoginModule. I think it will construct a PasswordCredential using the user/pw from the existing security context, presumably supplied by the UserRolesLoginModule.