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    contextMenu and componentControl with param

    Ales Dostal Newbie

      I have this code:

      <-- contextMenu -->
      <rich:contextMenu id="a" attached="false">
      <rich:menuItem value="Edit" action="#{bean.actionEdit}"
      <f:param value="{id}" name="id" />
      <!-- /contextMenu -->

      <-- table -->
      <rich:componentControl event="onRowClick" for="a" operation="show">
      <f:param value="#{r.id}" name="id" />
      <-- /table -->

      This code is run OK!
      When I try call method as: #{bean.actionEdit(id)} ... id is empty :(
      Can I any call the method with parametr?

      I use Opera browser, where cannot use "right click" for contextMenu :((
      I cannot use ... rich:contextMenu id="a" attached="true" ...