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    [newbie] where is my entity ?

    null null Newbie

      So finally it seems I have jboss up and running.
      Just managed to deploy some session beans.
      And yesterday I was excited to create my first entity beans. At least after a findAll it seems they are created, but I can't find them in my database.

      So I created my own datasource, using mysql... Yesterday the driver was not there, so....
      But any way I created the entity beans without exceptions.

      So currently I have a couple of questions...
      - Where is my entity ?
      - How to specify which datasource should be used for storing a certain entity ?
      - How to check if my datasource (mysql) is up and running ?

      Seems to me these are simple questions for someone experienced running jboss, or am I wrong ?

      thnx in advance,