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    Jboss x Database

    raphael2 Newbie

      Hi, I am a new user of the jboss server.

      I have some doubts.

      I installed jboss, with a application this application make the interaction with a database (Mssql), I configured the jboss to run with this database.

      until now ok, but I sow the source of this application and I didn't find any file with make this interaction. Ex(updates, inserts, deletes) in the application's tables.

      How jboss work with a database.

      What the functions with my application must call, for example to make a insert in a table ?

      note: Jboss running with sqlserver and everything runnings ok.

      Regards , Raphael Luiz Nascimento.

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          Harald Gliebe Novice

          Your application probably uses Entity Beans with CMP (container managed persistence). In that case it's not needed to write any SQL, all you have to do is to map the bean declarativly to database tables and fields in the deployment descriptor (a file called ejb-jar.xml) . Have a look at any introductional text on EJB for more details.


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            raphael2 Newbie

            See my ejb-jar file

            Dont have this mapping !!!!

            I tried to change this in my ejb-jar.xml but when i running the Jboss, cause a error.


            I tried to change to:


            Because the word "end" is a reserved word in SQLServer.

            In default application come by default to hsqldb Server.

            I am try to change to SqlServer

            Thanks !!!!!!