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    Oracle Datasource Config in JBoss3.2.0

    abcdef Newbie

      I'm a newbie to JBoss and EJB. I tried to use JBoss for an existing project(in tomcat) that uses connection pooling. I've set up the JBoss3.2.0 and deployed my files, but I get error when connecting to Oracle datasource thro' connection pooling. I found in this forum, I need to change jboss-web.xml, standardjaws.xml and oracle-ds.xml. I tried and included it in my ear file. But still no use. There is no error while booting. But when I perform access DB, I get connection not established erro. This error is my user-defined error in the catch block of where i get a connection. There is no error in the jndi or context lookup too. I have some doubts:

      1. In which location of the ear/war file should I put the jboss-web.xml, standardjaws.xml and oracle-ds.xml?
      2. Is any of these files common or should I need to add in every ear/war file?
      3. What other files do I need to modify?

      Here is what i have changed in the files:

      1. jboss-web.xml

      2. standardjaws.xml


      3. oracle-ds.xml


      Sorry if these question are meaningless. It means a lot to me. Thanks.