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    Tim Evers Master

      Hi all...

      I was looking at the GradientA class and navigating around seeing what goes on....(which I'm still trying to work out :)

      currently gradients are basically preset by the skin in a form something like this


      And what I would like to know is how possible would it be to be able to generate gradients by doing something like

      etc... basically the params will be interpreted and I'll get back the gradient.

      This way gradients could be created easily and customised quickly

      How hard would this be to do?

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          Nick Belaevski Master

          It's not possible and I personally do not recommend to do such things as it's easy to make DOS attack by requesting 1 trillion size gradient. That's the reason why framework crypts parameters.

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            Tim Evers Master

            Well, I'm pretty sure you could stop DOS attacks with a little effort, I'm not concerned with them at all at the moment as I am behind a firewall and only the internal network has access to my application. So, I would still be interested in being able to achieve my goal. But you do have a valid point and I would definitly need to consider it before I ever published an application to the web.


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              Nick Belaevski Master

              I've checked over the code again. In principle, you can implement such functionality if it's needed. Check org.ajax4jsf.resource.ServletResourceContext, org.ajax4jsf.resource.FacesResourceContext, org.ajax4jsf.resource.Java2Dresource and related classes for more.