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    Private/Unshared Datasource for J2EE Application

    martyphelan Newbie

      Is there any way to create a datasource that is only available for a
      specific J2EE Application (e.g. myapp.ear) ?

      We have successfully included the datasource definition in the .ear as a module service. It works fine - however, all applications in the container can gain access to the datasource by a jndi context lookup.

      We do not want any other applications running in the container to be able to access this datasource.

      We would like an approach that will support CMP entity beans as well.

      Our intent is to run a JBoss cluster an run applications from multiple agencies. Some of the agencies do not fully "trust" other agencies. Therefore security measures must be in place.

      The only option we currently see is to run separate clusters for each agency - not our preferred solution.

      Any ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated.