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    Datasource Connection Pool Problem


      We have a network that drops connections often (don't ask), which results in a disconnected datasource in the connection pool, causing failed access until the idle time resets the connection.

      Is there any way to have the connection attempt a reconnect?

      Here's one of the errors I'm getting:
      Exception. See error log for stack trace.
      [Atinav][JDBC SQL Server Driver] Connection reset by peer: socket write errorconnection exception - commmunication link failure

      We're using Avenir's driver, JBoss 4.0DR1, and SQL Server 2000.

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          Elias Ross Master

          There is a feature that supports the Oracle database, which decides (upon Exception) whether or not the physical connection is still valid. This appears in JBoss 3.2.1 I believe.

          In any case, if you download the CVS version, you can write your own based off the OracleExceptionSorter (look in the connector directory.) Then, in your jboss-ds.xml file you reference your class:


          Copy the .jar file to the lib directory or make a .sar out of it.

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            Lordy! Guess that's the answer though.