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    Help required in Tx Management.. record lock problem

    renjith Newbie

      Hi All,
      We are using JBoss 3.0.4 with Progress us our DB. While implementing Transaction management, we are getting a strange problem
      "[JDBC Progress Driver]:Failure getting record lock on a record from table PUB.ArtPLU. "

      As far as I know, this is a problem with isolation level. We are running on 'read commited' isolation level. I am not able set the isolation level at the connection pool with Jboss 3.0.4. If any body have a sample config. file for ProgressDB for (JBoss 3.0.4) in which isolation level is set, please help.

      Or, is there any way I can make the query wait till the record level lock is released..? something like setting timeout ...?