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    Is it possible to create a new database within embedded hype

    kimberley.scott Newbie



      These are probably real newbie questions, so please forgive me for appearing a tad daft.

      I'm considering whether it's feasible to use the embedded hypersonic plugin to host multiple tiny databases. I have a series of small apps that have a small number of tables each. The site is remote and has a certain amount of lockdown in place and the client is wary of installing mySQL for some reason. If I could use the embedded hsqldb to create mini-dbs that can 'travel' with the web-app that would be most helpful. Otherwise I'm going to have use xml files which is going to be a data integrity pain.

      If this can't be done does anyone have any idea how to have hsql be available and deployable 'inside' a web app?

      Any ideas anyone?