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    connect many databases with JBOSS

    billelmehdi Newbie

      I developpe a JBOSS application that access Mysql, Oracle, and SQLServer, how to do this in JBOSS.
      what are the files that I do modifie.


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          /docs/examples/jca deploy 3 different datasources

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            Roger Ackroyd Newbie

            I have noticed you you point questioners to these files in response to similar questions. It can be rather more complex than merely dropping these files as they are and as you imply, into deploy directory.
            I have scoured these forums for a satisfactory answer to getting MySql properly connected to Jboss such that it is possible to run a satisfactory testsuite. Get connected to MySql, yes, getting connection to work properly is other matter entirely.
            The range of suggestions amounts to changes in between 2 and 5 files, all or any may or may not be correct and take no account of specifics of how jboss currently set-up on particular rig.
            There is no proper info on datasources and database config anywhere I can find. The latest paid-for docs are entirely deficient in this respect. Getting started docs, examples and templates dont work (3.2.1) and waste a lot of peoples time. With about 20 possible answers to choose from on forums not of which work for me, leaves essentially three days wasted on simple db config, patience here wearing a little thin.
            Can your goodself or some kind soul out there, please nail this and other continuing database connection issues once and for all please.
            I have today installed MySql 4.1, that should resolve at least one issue. That over embedded query statements. (According to one forum post anyway)

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              gareth48 Newbie

              i am also having the same problems as RogerA and agree with him entirely. Many thanks to Juha.... for
              only 10,000 $ i can get the answer to what should be a fairy straightforward question !!

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                Warren Sweetman Newbie

                you are such an ass Juha. This should not be something that requires a support contract. As this is a must for most applications one would think that clear concise example/documentation would be available. If you cant offer a resolution to peoples queries please dont answer

                enough said

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                  Alright, as per your request I won't answer any of your questions regarding datasource configuration issues then (which is quite easy since there is not a single clear question posted in this thread anyway).

                  Consider your free support quota used.

                  Have a nice day.

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                    Roger Ackroyd Newbie

                    If I may add, and to make something clear.
                    I am making no money whatsoever out of using jboss. I am using it purely to attempt to gain proficiency in the use, configuration and management of an application server: higher level java and other programming and related skills. i.e. personal educational use, that may and only may, lead to an unknown financial reward at no defined date in the future with nested ifs.
                    If I can get all the IT stuff working reliably with jboss then I can spend my more productive time on modelling a business and not the software modelling of business objects. In the commercial world, I would place the former higher on totem than latter. Then we start talking about maintainance contracts or paying people to do all this stuff. I have multiple skills and dont claim expert status in any.
                    If the impression is that I am trying to get something for nothing i.e. free software and this is the reason that I seem to get little help here on the forums, then the above will hopefully make it clear.
                    Just unzipped the latest June docs package download. Exactly Same May draft 3.2.1 docs, that in some sections is so full of typos and 3.0 legacy stuff as to make them barely readable. Am I supposed to be pleased or something??? How long has 3.2.1 been on release now? They may cause ever rising levels of confusion everywhere. (they already are)

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                      If you have a problem, post an explicit question describing that problem. There's no way you're getting answers otherwise.

                      I'm not going to waste my time trying to probe into your message trying to figure out what exactly is the error you're getting. Not for free anyway. This is the kind of service only paid customers will get.

                      Explain your problem, post the errors you're seeing, you may get someone answer your question. And whatever you do, don't start whining about documentation. No one wants to hear about it, it is not the right forum for it, keep your opinion of the documentation to yourself on this forum.


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                        And if you're only working for yourself, I strongly suggest getting rid of MySQL and installing a real database (such as Postgres)

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                          Roger Ackroyd Newbie

                          Thank you Juha
                          Now we are talking language that I understand.
                          Thanks for the insight into ways of this forum. I will go look at Postgre straight away. No offence meant or intended please.