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    migration from oc4j to jboss

    kimbad Newbie


      I am trying to deploy an oracle oc4j appication to jboss. I can define the datasources in oc4j in the file data-sources.xml this is included in the app.jar

      I can see how to configure the data sources within jboss but cannot figure out how to deploy them as part of the app.jar file. I have tried including xxx-ds.xml within the app.jar but the deploy tool seems to ignore these ?

      any ideas ?


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          kimbad Newbie

          Don't seem to be able to delete this post the but i am sorted now.

          OK, had some sleep and got it working....

          Read the log file more carefully

          The xxx-ds.xml is picked up from the jar, I was using th incorrect jndi name in the client The name in the config file was MyOwnDS but this needs to be referred to as java:/MyOwnDS in the client initailContext.lookup