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    Firebird-DS.xml vs Firebird-Service.xml

    qinding Newbie

      May I understand that Firebird-ds.xml is supposed to replace firebird-service.xml?

      Who has a complete working firebird-ds.xml? May I have a copy to see how it is configured.

      If I want to use firebird database, nothing else. What should I do. Is it just get rid of hsqldb-ds.xml from default/deploy and put firebird-ds.xml and firebirdsql.rar in the deploy folder? Nothing else need to be modified? Are there any hsqldb tables for internal use? Should I run some sql script to build those tables in firebird database?

      Anyone, please if you have a step-by-step procedure to setup a non-hsqldb, would you please share it with me? I appreciated it. Thank you.