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    Configuring passwords for datasource

    Toby Hede Newbie

      We are going to be running JBoss in classes this semester. We have JBoss installed on a linux box, students have thier own deploy directories, and we have a system in place to ensure we avoid naming conflicts.

      What I need to do is set up some Oracle datasources for use with CMP. I can either set up 50-odd individual datasources pointing to Oracle with the student name/password.

      Will running this many datasoures cause problems?

      Is it possible to have one Oracle datasource that students somehow pass their account details to? So that each set of student EJBs will point to different db throught the one datasource?

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          Jon Barnett Master

          AFAIK, the datasource binding is 1:1 - a pool of connections all have the same source connection characteristics.

          The number of datasources in JBoss probably won't be an issue - but the threading in the JVM may drain resources. It may also be an issue for your Oracle DBMS with that many connections - you'll just need to tweak the connection and memory settings on both JBoss and Oracle.

          You probably don't need to have each student have their own database name and password unless they need to log into Oracle as well.

          I'm not sure if you are after more information than that.