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    Hypersonic for production use

    pm Newbie

      To develop a production quality system (ie that
      requires a database with various records for about 2000 people), would the embedded Hypersonic SQL database be sufficient, or would it be best to use something like MYSQL ?
      I just thought that with Hypersonic being embedded in JBoss, configuration (which I always find pretty difficult) would be easier than if I used eg MySQL.
      If Hypersonic is not suitable, then what are the major reasons.
      Thanks very much.

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          Jon Barnett Master

          You probably wouldn't use it in production for that many people. You can check the Hypersonic project in SourceForge for yourself for more information on its capabilities. The file storage format isn't that great at the moment either.

          You are probably better off using MySQL for a robust and scalable DBMS. And MySQL has a good DBMS console to work with if something breaks or if you need to do a lot of administration and backups.

          Or use Postgresql. Your choice though.