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    Hosting multiple j2ee apps under the same running JBOSS cont

    anenwu Newbie


      Just curious.

      I m planning to host free JBOSS Server , but I hesitate of how to deal with multiple users who are going to upload the JBOSS (J2EE) application into my JBOSS Server.

      Let's say, I m running the default confiuration from JBOSS. Means only once instance of JBOSS is running, and the ds is pointing only to one ds instance which in turn connecting to one database.

      Is it possible for me, to separate all the users to access their own database (A access dbA, B access dbB, and so on) from the same running default jboss container ?

      Because most of the books, most of example only telling you how to set up one ds <--> database <---> jndi, and will be used by all the ejb, either one same jar or different jar.

      For my case, any expert here can help me ?

      I have to do this for security reason, so, user A can not access user B's table and so on.

      Thanks and best regards,