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    Doubts on DataSource file?

    Sethuramalingam Vijayakumar Newbie

      Hi Xperts,

      %JBoss_Home%\docs\examples\jca folder having list of datasource file to different databases like oracle, Sybase, mysql and etc.,

      Can I rename the file, for example, oracle-ds.xml into my-oracle-ds.xml and deploy into the deploy folder %JBoss_Home%%\server\default\deploy? Will it work or cause any problem?

      And one more doubt

      The %JBoss_Home%\docs\examples\jca folder having two xml files for oracle
      Oracl-ds.xml and

      Why two different files? Any special purpose?

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          Jon Barnett Master

          You can rename the file anything you like as long as the file ends with -ds.xml so JBoss understands it is a datasource configuration file.

          Oracle XA is Oracle's implementation of the X/Open Distributed Transaction Processing (DTP) XA interface. If you are using DTP, you will need to use the OracleXA datasource configuration.

          In most cases, you would use the standard oracle-ds.xml.