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    Using mssql-xa-ds.xml configured connection is 3 times slowe

    Shane Newbie

      We have just upgraded to JBoss 3.2.1 and have also installed the latest MS JDBC drivers (v2.2) so as to use JTA for distributed transactions.

      We have a regression test which we run to ensure the database has been set up correctly post deployment. In running these tests with different database configuration settings we have seen a substantial decrease in performance when using the mssql-xa-ds configuration file.

      With the new JDBC drivers alone we can see a slight improvement (over previous driver version) when using the standard mssql-ds configuration file but when switching to the XA version the tests take 3-4 times as long (e.g. 3955 sec as apposed to 860 seconds!!).

      We have installed the JDBC XA procedures and sqljdbc.dll file on the SQL Database so it is not a case of it not working. It works - it's just VERY slow. I've heard mention of adjusting the FetchSize but have been unable to work out where this should be done.
      Adding <xa-datasource-property name="FetchSize">50</xa-datasource-property> in the mssql-xa-ds file simply results in an NoSuchMethodException.

      Is there something we're missing? Has anyone else come across this problem with performance using XA transactions?