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    Transactionisolation level and oracle

    Markus Joschko Newbie

      I'm a little bit confused about the setting of isolation levels with oracle and the normal (not XA) db driver in jboss 3.0.7.

      I have here some BMP Beans which should have container managed transactions.
      How can I change the isolation level from READ_COMMITED to SERIALIZABLE? It's not possible to do it in the descriptor files, it's as far as I know not possible to set it in the datasource.xml and oracle database only allows switching the isolation level on a session level.

      So I only see the possibility to use bean managed transactions for changing the isolation level. Is this right? Is it really not possible to change the isolation level of CMT?


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          Shane Newbie

          This was how it was done with MSSQL - shouldn't be too disimilar with Oracle (I think).

          Add this line to the oracle-service.xml (I think that's the file name - I'm using Jboss v3.2.1 now and it's all changed):
          <config-property name="TransactionIsolation" type="java.lang.String">TRANSACTION_SERIALIZABLE</config-property>


          Hope this is of some help.